This story started years ago, on the west coast of South Africa, with childhood friends Wouter and Johan. Now, older and wiser, with a lifetime of friendship and the Pacific Ocean between them, they both wanted to expand on their love of yoga and take their personal practise to the next level. Utilising their years of creative and design experience, Wouter and Johan wanted to make beautiful minimalist yoga products that were top quality, high performance, and most importantly, environmentally friendly. Noticing a distinct lack of these combined qualities, they decided to put their experience and passion to work.

Welcome to Mocana Yoga.

The word Mocana means release in Sanskrit. This idea of liberation is at the core of what we do at Mocana Yoga. We want you to feel confident during your yoga practice. Our range of products are thoughtfully designed to offer you the ability to truly go deeper to experience this release. This is essential. Not only are they planet-friendly and as green as we can possibly make them, they also have a long lifespan. We want you to really get down with our range.

They’re good. We believe in them, and we want you to. And so, we are offering you a money back guarantee. We’re that confident. Sustainably harvested natural rubber, cork, and other eco-friendly decisions help us and you tread more lightly. This gives us peace of mind. Plus, on top of all this, they’re gorgeously visual - not only are they high performance and top quality, they feature minimal, sophisticated design. Carefully considered materials and close work with our factories help make our visions a reality. Mocana Yoga is a company built for yoga lovers, teachers and students.

And, we’re just getting started. Join us on our journey #withmymocana